Pressed tin ® cornices to finish around the edges of your ceiling


Pressed tin ® cornices are used to form a decorative finish around the areas where walls meet ceilings. The metal cornices have flanges along the length of them. These flanges serve a purpose when they are being nailed up.

Because they have flanges on them it makes them unsuitable for use on flat surfaces such as walls. Their design is such that they are useful for bridging corners, i.e. they are made to bridge across the ninety degree angle where the wall meets the ceiling. They won't sit flat on a wall. If you need help in choosing cornice to match your ceiling then please feel free to ask for my advice.


Click on the images below to see a larger picture and to find more details.

Pressed tin cornice - Pacific Pacific (D)
Egg and dart cornice Egg and Dart (D)
Roses metal cornice Roses(D)
Celtic pressed metal cornice Celtic (D)
wildberries pressed metal cornice Wildberries (D)
Blackbean cornice made from aluminium Blackbean (D)
Waratah decorative cornice Waratah (D)
Corinth decorative cornice Corinth (D)
Gardenia pressed metal corniceGardenia (D)
Greenwich pressed tin corniceGreenwich (D)
Strand cornice made from decorative aluminiumStrand (D)
Poppies pressed aluminium cornicePoppies (D)


Small Plain cornice made from aluminium Small Plain (P)
Small Grate corniceSmall Grate (P)
Bondi pressed tin cornice Bondi (P)
Beresford cornice made from pressed metal Beresford (P)
Pressed tin cornices surround the edges of a pressed tin ceiling Small Egg and Darte (P)
Large Plain cornice Large Plain (P)
Egg and Darte cornice made from aluminium Egg and Darte (P)
Gallipoli Rose pressed metal corniceGallipoli
Grate pressed tin cornice Grate (P)
Maple Leaf pressed metal corniceMaple Leaf
Macquarie pressed metal corniceMacquarie
Egg and Grape cornice made from aluminium Egg and Grape (P)
Piano cornice made from pressed tin Piano (P)
Ella May pressed tin corniceElla May (P)
Georgian pressed metal corniceGeorgian (P)
Peacock pressed tin cornicePeacock (P)


If you need help choosing your cornice then please feel free to contact me for assistance.



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