Pressed tin panels ® for every project and  for a very economical price.




Pressed tin panels ® for ceilings and walls


You will see the pressed metal patterns below are featured in two different coloured backgrounds - orange and green. I deal with two manufacturers of the product. The colour of the background indicates which factory the various goods come from. When making your choices it is important to choose all the components from the one source. They will then fit together better and the packing and freight cost will be much less. There are some important differences between the products each manufacturer makes. I'll document the differences below.


The pressed tin designs in the orange background:

These panels are despatched with their etch primer on them already. Etch primer is the important element that makes the paint stick to the metal. So that is a good point. The panels will cost more per square metre but then you won't have to buy or apply the etch primer. These panels can sometimes (not always) take a couple of weeks to be ready to send. So if there is great urgency to receive your panels then skip past this first group. The panels from this factory are generally made in the 1800 mm x 600 mm size only.

Click on the images below to see a larger picture and to find out more details of each pattern.

Flannel Flowers designFlannel Flowers (D)
Almonda pressed tin panels Almonds (D)
Wildberries pressed tin ceiling panels Wildberries (D)
Magnolia pressed tin panels Magnolia (D)
Bluebells pressed tin ceiling panels Bluebells (D)
Camellia pressed tin ceilings Camellia (D)
Rhodes pressed tin ceiling panels Rhodes (D)
Dana pressed tin ceiling panels Dana (D)
Regency pressed tin ceiling panel Regency (D)
Petra pressed tin ceiling panel Petra (D)
Fleur pressed tin panel Fleur (D)
Carrington pressed metal ceiling panel Carrington (D)
Acorns pressed metal ceiling panels Acorns (D)
Warwick pressed metal ceiling panel Warwick (D)
Jaasmine pressed metal ceiling panel Jasmine (D)
Acanthus pressed metal panel Acanthus (D)
Pressed metal ceiling Fans (D)
Pacific pressed metal ceiling Pacific (D)
Canning pressed metal ceiling Canning (D)
Sunflower pressed metal ceiling Sunflower (D)
Stars pressed metal ceiling Stars (D)
Lindfield pressed metal ceiling Lindfield (D)
Carina pressed metal ceiling Carina (D)
Laidley pressed metal ceiling panels Laidley (D)
Rosemary pressed metal Rosemary (D)
The Gladstone pressed metal panelGladstone (D)
Virginia design pressed metal panel suitable for walls and ceilingsVirginia (D)
Carlton pressed tin ceiling Carlton (D)
Stockholm pressed metal panels Stockholm (D)
Roughcast (D) pressed tin ceiling panels Roughcast (D)
Mini-Lindfield pressed tin ceiling panels Mini-Lindfield (D)
The Fishscale (D) designFishscale (D)
Wynyard pressed metal panels Wynyard (D)
Paddington pressed metal panels for ceilings Paddington (D)
Victoria pressed metal panel Victoria (D)
Gumnuts pressed tin panels Gumnuts (D)


The pressed tin designs in the green background:

These panels are despatched minus their etch primer so you will need to buy and apply the primer prior to painting the panels. Because the panels are not primed they are cheaper per square metre. Many of these pressed tin panels ® are made in the 1800 mm x 900 mm size in addition to the 1800 mm x 600 mm size. Buying larger panels generally means there will be fewer joins and this is a good point. These panels are generally in stock and are usually despatched from the factory very quickly.

Click on the images below to see a larger picture and to find out more details of each pattern.

Large Maple pressed tin panel Large Maple (P)
450 Square pressed tin panel The Vines (P)
Melbourne pressed tin panels Melbourne (P)
Iris pressed tin panel Iris (P)
450 Square pressed tin panel Victoria (P)
Tulip pressed tin panel Tulip (P)
Maze pressed tin panel Maze (P)
Lachlan Hearts pressed metal panelLachlan Hearts (P)
Lattice pressed tin panelLattice (P)
Maddington pressed tin panel Maddington (P)
Original pressed tin panels Original (P)
Carousel pressed metal panelling Carousel (P)
Acorn (P) pressed metal panel Acorn (P)
Forbes pressed metal panellingForbes (P)
Fishscale pressed tin ceiling panel Fishscale (P)
Temora pressed metal panelling Temora (P)
The Shield pressed metal panelThe Shield (P)
Lizards pressed metal panelLizards (P)
Links is a very old design mostly used on ceilingsLinks (P)
The Ophir pressed metal panelThe Ophir (P)
Spades pressed metal Spades (P)
Mudgee pressed metal Mudgee (P)
Evans pressed metal panelEvans (P)
Bondi pressed metal Bondi (P)
Alexandria pressed metal panel Alexandria (P)
Lotus pressed tin panelLotus (P)
TheCharlton pressed tin panel The Charlton (P)
Flannel Flowers pressed tin panel Flannel Flowers (P)
Art Deco pressed tin panels Art Deco (P)
Balmain pressed tin panelling Balmain (P)
Stars (P) pressed tin panels Stars (P)
Savannah pressed tin panels Savannah (P)
Roughcast pressed tin panels Roughcast (P)
Ripple pressed metal panel Ripple (P)
Scallop pressed tin designThe Scallop (P)
Beresford pressed tin panels Beresford (P)
Liquorice Allsort can be used in contemporary or traditional projects.Liquorice Allsort (P)
Rocky Road is an unusual design useful for a wide range of projectsRocky Road (P)
Clover is a useful design for splashbacks and sometimes delicate ceilingsClover (P)
Carnivale is a delicate design suited to ceilings and wallsCarnivale (P)
Harris pressed tin designThe Harris (P)
Illusion pressed tin designThe Illusion (P)
Snowflakes pressed tin designSnowflakes (P)
Golden Bay pressed tin panels Golden Bay (P)
Provincial design in pressed tin panelsProvincial (P)



Several of the panels are featured in a painted form on our painted pressed tin panels ® page. However, these days it is more fashionable to use one colour of paint over the whole area. There are now some outstanding special effects paints available that can create stunning finishes. There are paints that shimmer, those that give a range of metal "looks" not to mention paints that give an aged appearance. Every project can be an original work of art in its own right.



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