Pressed tin panels add style for a very economical price.



Pressed metal panels for feature walls, Australian product


If you are looking for pressed metal for a splashback then this page will also interest you: Pressed metal splashbacks.

Pressed metal panels are now hugely popular in contemporary and futuristic projects. Their popularity has, in part, been fueled by the usage of the panels on TV shows such as The Block, Offspring and House Rules.

The panels can be used in commercial projects such as restaurants, hotels, shops and salons as well as in residential projects for splashbacks and elegant feature walls.

The versatility of the product is now obvious and really classy projects are the end result. Many of my clients are average home handymen and they are completing projects good enough to feature in glossy magazines.

The designs featured below are very much one-way designs suited to walls (but not generally suited to ceilings) but many of our general designs are great for walls too. Two of the designs used in the photographs above are from our general designs range so be sure to look there too for your wall project.


Click on the images below to see a larger picture and to find more details.

Aurelia pressed metal wall panel suitable for feature wallsAurelia (D)
Waratah pressed metal decorative feature wall panelsWaratah (D)
Vines pressed metal panels for wall installationsVines (D)
Fishscale pressed metal panels suitable for wallsFishscale (D)
Portion of the frieze panelFrieze (D)


Lily pressed metal wall panelLily (P)
Art Nouveau decorative pressed metal wall panellingArt Nouveau (P)
Wall Panel decorative wall panels made from aluminiumWall Panel (P)
Posie pressed metal feature wall panelsPosie (P)
Bricks panel, imitation bricks made from aluminium sheetingBrick (P)
Fishscale pressed metal panels can create a stunning feature wallFishscale (P)
Wildflower design sited for dado feature wallsWildflower (P)


As with the pressed metal ceiling panels these wall panels should be fixed to the wall via the use of builders ply. The builders ply is used as a sub strate and the panels are nailed to the ply, using small nails that will be virtually invisible by the time the panels are painted. We will give you full instructions when you buy from us.


Remember to check the general designs page for many more excellent choices for your feature walls.



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