Judd and Amy Lewis - owners of this business


Some people ask how did this business ever get started. Well the story is a bit long-winded. Jean Morrison began the business back in 1999. She was originally hand-painting plaster interior decorations such as ceiling roses, domes and niches. She painted them to order so they matched the decor of the homes they were installed into. She was approached by one of the pressed metal manufacturers in NSW and was asked if she would become their W.A. representative.

Jean worked from home and she realized it was not going to be possible for her to stock the goods in the limited space a family home has. It was decided she would work on a factory-direct-to-customer basis. This has proven to have been a good basis for the business because overhead costs can be kept to a minimum, meaning panel prices can be kept low too.

Whilst thinking of ways to promote her little business she decided she ought to have a website. Through the Small Business Centre here in Bunbury she obtained a grant that enabled her to pay for classes on how to build a website. With great trepidation she went along to those classes. There were about 10 students in the class and she considered herself to be the most I/T inept person in the classroom. She was quite sure the others would have agreed, including the two teachers. Anyway, a website was eventually born and then it was re-incarnated a couple of times over. And what a very vital advertising job it now does for the business. Many times over clients have said that it is the best pressed metal website around. It is so easy to navigate and there are so many inspirational project photos.

Jean sold panels to customers nationally and all over the world. The name of Heritage Ceilings became synonymous with good service. Because of the personalized service Jean supplied she became the go-to person who was recommended by builders, architects and restoration workers.

At the end of 2018, after running Heritage Ceilings for 19 years, Jean decided to retire. She has heaps of other interests she can now finally pursue.

My wife Amy and I have purchased this much loved business and we are about to take the business to new levels with our enthusiasm and new ideas. We don't pretend to know as much about pressed metal panels as Jean knows but we are willing to learn. If we don't know the answer to your question we will promptly find out for you. We are very keen to continue offering top quality service to customers.

So, where-ever you are in the world, we can almost certainly help you with your pressed metal project.


Judd and Amy Lewis.

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