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Some people ask me how did I ever get started in this business. Well the story is a bit long-winded. I was approached, over 17 years ago, by the manufacturer of another pressed metal product. He surprised me by sending me, out of the blue, a large parcel containing samples, paper work, an advertising sandwich board and a letter asking me if i would be his pressed metal sales outlet for Western Australia.

I was quite taken aback. At that time my business was solely comprised of me hand-painting plaster ceiling roses on a "lazy susan" in our family room. I would paint them in colours that suited the decor of the homes of those who commissioned me.

I investigated the idea and took it onboard. In order to do the job properly I contacted another manufacturer and he was quite willing to have me as his W.A supplier as well. As I mentioned earlier, I work from home. It was not going to be possible for me to stock the goods in the limited space a family home has. It was decided I would work on a factory-direct-to-customer basis. This has proven to have been a good basis for the business. This way I don't have any huge overheads that have to be passed on to my customers.

Whilst thinking of ways to promote my little business I decided I ought to have a website. Through the Small Business Centre here in Bunbury I obtained a grant that enabled me to pay for classes on how to build a website. With great trepidation I went along to those classes. There were about 10 of us in the class and I considered myself to be the most I/T inept person in the classroom. I'm quite sure the others would have agreed, including the two teachers. Anyway, with the help of Geoff Finlay from the MyBunbury team, a website was eventually born. And what a very vital advertising job it does for me.

As it turns out, I no longer deal with the manufacturer who originally contacted me. His ethics and my ethics weren't compatible so the relationship ended with a sigh of relief on my part. However, I then gained an alternative manufacturer to deal with. There are three manufacturers of pressed metal in Australia and I now deal with the best two. We have an excellent working relationship and they look after me and my clients very well.

I now sell products to clients all over the world. So far, the only country I haven't had success with is Tajikistan, which I think is somewhere north of Afghanistan. I could get the panels as far as Munich in Germany but I was not able to find an airline that could take them to Tajikistan. Bother!

So, whereever you are in the world, I can almost certainly help you with your pressed metal project. I'm a real "people person" so I love to get involved in my customers' projects. I like to be there for them if they have any queries along the way. At the end of the process nothing makes me happier than to receive photographs of customers' end results. Who could ask for a better job! No wonder I love my business so much.


Jean Morrison

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