Iain's feature wall


Iain Bunnett chose the Canning design for his ceiling. In Ian's words:

"This is my kitchen ceiling - it was originally covered in plywood as the original timber boards underneath being a 90+ year of Queenslander were very very tired, cracked and covered in who knows how many coats of lead paint.

My wife and I love Art Deco so we have been sympathetically renovating our old home in such a era. The plywood ceiling had to come down especially as it also was fitted with a fluro tube light! So down it came and the real horror of the old ceiling was revealed. It took considerable neck breaking sanding, scraping, gaping and finally painting to bring it back. So the pictures may be a little difficult to understand but I have left a 2 foot border exposing the old ceilings and have then laid the pressed metal in the centre like a picture frame. I have used old cornicing to border the pressed metal from a salvage yard and also to border the ceiling / wall joint as the old cornicing came down with the plywood.

The lights were pretty boring when I bought them but adding the chain and mounting blocks really gave them a nice appearance. I have a little work left to do, touch up painting and filling in nail holes etc but the main work is done. In the end the 3 lights will have Edison bulbs in them and I am in the process of putting in some flush mounted lighting over the work benches.

The biggest challenge for me was finding centre in the room as these old Queenslanders don't have right angles."


The Canning design pressed metal panels


Pressed metal for creative ceilings - Canning design.


Pressed tin ceiling surrounded by timbers



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