John's kitchen in his pole frame home


John chose the Original design for his splashback. In John's words:

"The core kitchen elements are in line across the back wall. We have additional bench space and some cupboards planned at the side. Work continues in the pantry where we will use leftover sheet of metal for a
"splashback" to carry the theme through.

The grey columns at either side of the kitchen elements are poles that form the structural base of the house (pole frame).

The splashback has been painted with Wattyl "killrust" epoxy gloss enamel - colour is "aluminium" over the etch primer.

Cabinetry and sink are from ikea.

We attached the pressed metal using small nails and a couple of small screws. The latter were used to ensure good attachment to fireproof substrate behind stove. barely visible. I did think of using glue in
that area but was concerned with adherence over the long term. Cutting the metal was done very carefully but was easier than I had expected.

Marianne and I are very happy with how it has turned out. You have a great product for DIYers.

Many thanks for your excellent service."

Thanks so much for sharing John. I'm glad you are both very happy with the product and our service.


Pressed tin splash back in th e Original design.



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