Pressed metal ceiling project, Warrnambool


Photographs kindly supplied by Gary and Dot McCosh of Warrnambool in Victoria

Gary is a builder by trade. He specializes in using recycled materials in his building projects. You can see some of his work here at Stonecutters Inn which he and Dot own and run.

Unfortunately, original pressed metal panels are very hard to source in sufficient amounts for a project so Gary chose to use our new ceiling panels in this project, which incidentally is going to be his home.

The panels we sell are identical to those made 100 years ago so they have suited his project perfectly. He and Dot chose Magnolia for the main part of their ceiling and Roses cornice to complement it. The Magnolia panels are surrounded by a moulding strip and by Stockholm used as a border.


Magnolia panels


Magnolia pressed metal panels


Pressed metal ceiling Melbourne


Gary is prepared to do pressed metal installation work for you. You can contact him at


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