Shield pressed metal panels creating a feature wall


Jodie and Paul Molinia chose the Shield design when looking for a pattern for their large feature wall. The design has become exceedingly popular over the last couple of years. It works best when used over a large area as in Jodie and Paul's home.

For their paint he Molinia's used Dulux interior semi gloss in Whisper White. The Molinia's did their installation and paint job themselves. Well done!

A special thanks from me to Jodie and Paul for supplying these fabulous photos.


Paul attaches the ply to the wall


The first panel is attached in the centre of the wall.  Always work from the centre out to the edges to ensure the pattern is equal both ends


The second panel laps under the first


The job is half dooe in no time


All the pressed metal panels are now installed


Jodie assisting


Large feature wall finished



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