An economical splashback made from pressed metal panels


Fiona Porteous chose the Evans panel for her splashback. It is an ideal design for a splashback because of the compact repeat size of the pattern and also for the fact the pattern is a series of squares much the same size as a tile.

You can see the timber trim installed along the top of the splash back. It finishes the job off neatly and is used to hide the thickness of the ply used as a sub strate to nail the panels onto.

The panels still need to be painted. If you wish to retain the shiny metal appearance then you need to paint the panels with a good quality paint that mimics the metallic appearance. The trim along the top also needs to be painted. Usually the same colour paint is used as on the panels but complementary colours can also look smart.

Fiona commented: " I absolutely love the new kitchen and splashback. Using the pressed metal was the most effective but also the most economical way to finish the splashback. I am still yet to paint them but am going to use a metallic paint which will give the same effect as leaving them bare as I love the effect.
Thanks for all your help and wonderful service. Cheers, Fiona


Evans panel successfully used as a splash back.


The stylish Evans design suits splash back aplications very well



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