Hand-painted pressed tin ceiling using Porters Paints


Kristin and Liesl from the Painted Earth shop in Fremantle, W.A. coordinated this project for Kerry and Glen Simpson.

Panel details: Bluebells pressed tin panels were used..

Paint details: The base colour used was Porters Bronze Duchess Satin. The top coat of paint was Porters Aniseed Low Sheen, watered down.

If you would like to contact Painted Earth their phone number is 08 9430 5353 and their email address is porters@paintedearth.com.au . Absolutely stunning job.

Bluebells pressed tin ceiling


Pressed tin ceiling hand-painted


Special paints from Porters range were used on the pressed metal


Hand-painted pressed tin ceiling


The special Porters paints have added another dimension to the pressed tin panels


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