Kitchen Splashback


Paul Smith and his brother-in-law completed this divine kitchen project. They utilized cupboards
from IKEA. The pressed metal design is the "Original" which is so suited to splash back projects
because it has a small repeat pattern.

This really does look a splendid project.

Added later: Paul contacted me to tell me his beautiful home "has won the 2015 MBA
Best Home award for S.A. in the under $500,000 bracket !"

I've included some photos of his divine home below. Well done!


Kitchen splashback using "Original" design


Pressed metal splash back.  A good DIY job for a home handyman


DIY splash back made from pressed tin


Award winning home


Residence where a pressed metal aplsahback installed

Paul's tips:

Re painting:

"It is better to lay on 2-3 thin coats rather then overdoing it on the first coat. We also found it best to finish each newly painted section by lightly brushing from the unpainted area into the fresh paint to achieve a perfect finish. If you start a stroke from inside the wet area you cause a small erosion line with the tip of the brush which can be very difficult to eliminate later as the paint dries."

Re sealing:

"At the bench top joint we used white silicone sealant (not water based). Spraying with sugar soap before tooling the sealant with a radiused rubber tool or ice-cream stick will give a beautifully smooth finish and stops the sealant smearing away from the joint line. At the remaining edges we used a water based flexible gap sealant the same colour as the painted panels. This worked well in the corners where we decided to match patterns along a cut edge rather than try to bend the sheets into the corners."



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