Jasmine pressed metal ceiling - images showing how corner accessories are used.

Photographs kindly supplied by the Stokoe Family of Ashfield, Australia.

The following panels were used: Jasmine main panels, Stockholm border and Wildberries cornice


Jasmine ceiling


The close-up shot below illustrates mitred cornice and its treatment. The area focused upon here is the fireplace section. Under ideal circumstances it is preferable to use Mitre Boxes (or Mitre Leaves or Mitre Ribbons) for both inner and outer corners. When the Stokoes purchased their ceiling an Inner Mitre Box was available and was used, but an Outer Mitre Box had not yet been re-created for this particular Wildberries cornice. At that time our customers had to carefully mitre the cornices where ever they had outer corners. An Outer Mitre Box has since been created. We feel the Stokoes did an excellent job mitring their cornice. It is a very neat join.

Cornice mitre boxes



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