Carla's pressed metal renovations - Snowflakes panel


Carla Weerts has begun some major renovations at her place. First I'll feature her laundry and
then her ceiling dilemma which is now solved.


Pressed metal panels being nailed up


Panels are installed on laundry wall


Unusual laundry feature wall

After applying an etch primer Carla used Killrust Epoxy Gloss Enamel "Aluminium" paint which
looks nearly identical to the colour of the metal itself.

Something was required to bridge the gaps in Carla's ceiling where the flat ceiling meets the
angled ceiling so Carla used a moulding strip for these areas. You can see what the moulding
strips look like in the photos below.

Ceiling problem


Moulding strips hide the gaps in the ceiling


Now they are fitted the ceiling is finished.


The finished room


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