Pressed metal feature ceiling in centre of room


The Woodwards wanted to have a beautiful pressed metal central feature in their room but they
wanted to incorporate VJ boards into the feature too. These photos show how they did it.

  • Ply is installed first
  • The central pressed metal panels are then nailed up
  • VJ boards are cut to size and they are installed along with the pressed metal cornice
  • A trim is installed between the pressed metal and the VJ's
  • Cornice mitre accessories hide the corner joins in the cornice
  • A trim was installed around the very edges of the feature
  • Painting was the next job
  • Finally the light fitting is attached


The Victoria panels were used along with the Strand cornice. The Woodwards used Dulux
Aquanamel Paint which they sprayed on.

An outstanding job was done.


Imstalling a pressed emtal central feature


VJ boards surround the central metal panels


All the cornice is now attached


Central feature nearly finished


Now the light fitting is installed



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