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Buy this home-based business in Bunbury

After all these years I've decided to sell my business. First up I need to tell you that you don't need any building knowledge whatsoever to run this business. You just need excellent customer service skills and a passion for the product.

What does Heritage Ceilings sell? We are distributors of decorative metal panels. The panels are used on ceilings and walls and we sell them world-wide. We don't do any installation work. We are purely sellers of the product.


Business Details

Business name registered as: Heritage Ceilings.
Business started: 1999, owner Jean Morrison operating as a Sole Trader.
Business address:  55 Turnberry Way, Pelican Point,  W.A. 6230.
ABN:  11022915131.
Business name: registered until 30th August 2019.
Financials: Taxation papers available for last 6 years.
Assets being sold:  Extensive website, domain name, goodwill, social media pages, small amount of stock and large range of samples.
Liabilities:  None. All orders are paid for by the customer before the order leaves the factory or my premises.
Employees:  None
Restrictions on trading:  None
Insurances:  Public Liability
Description of business:  Heritage Ceilings is a distributor of pressed metal panels for usage on ceilings and walls. The panels are despatched from two factories in the Eastern States and are sent straight to the customer’s doorstep. Sales are nation-wide and world-wide. Some of the more popular panels are held here and are available for local customer collection.
Client profile:  Products are purchased by builders, architects, interior designers, home owners and business owners.
Reason for selling:  I never imagined this would ever happen but over the last couple of years I’ve totally lost interest in the business. I no longer want to expend the energy necessary to run a successful business. I’ve been taking a couple of overseas holidays each year which decreases the business income because there is no one to run the business whilst I’m gone. I am now at retirement age and I wish to pursue other interests.
Future direction for Heritage Ceilings: I work from my home which is tucked away in a private estate and few people are aware of what I sell unless they see it online. If the future owner has professional display facilities in a building products style of business then the products would soon be spotted by passers by.  I am confident local sales would then rocket.  Local sales are a good way to go because little time has to be expended for the number of dollars earned. Sales via the website can also bring in big dollars via architects and interior designers because they generally work on bigger projects where they specify precise designs and quantities.  When precise information is known up front then little effort has to go into quoting the job compared to the profit made. If the person buying the business has connections in the building trade then they could further increase their income by becoming involved in the installation of the products which would save customers the time and worry of finding their own installers. Having said all of that, the business can still be kept as small as you want or you can easily expand it.
Outlay to buy business: $42,000 or very near offer plus small amount of stock at value.


Here are the sorts of duties you would need to perform to successfully run the business

Handle phone enquiries.
Handle email enquiries.
Prepare and send quotes by email.
Receive all payments up front - no accounts to send out.
Check bank account for payments that have come in, record them on the enquiry cover sheet and on Excel (for BAS), send orders through to the factory, send customer acknowledgement of receipt of payment.
Ensure the factories acknowledge receipt of each order.
Advise customers when the orders leave the factory and follow through until delivery has occurred.
Keep an eye on stock levels on premises.
Pay the manufacturers for orders they despatched.
After one month of doing quotes, do follow up emails to try to get the sale.
At the end of each quarter do the Business Activity Statement.
Website – update prices and new patterns as needed. 
Free advertising – Post on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.
Request photos of client’s projects, get them uploaded to website and shared on social media.
Ask clients to do Google reviews.
Monitor Google ratings to ensure Heritage Ceilings stays as high up as possible on the front page of the search engine.
Organise any paid advertising.


Transitioning the business

I've put my heart and soul into this business for 19 years so I want to ensure my efforts over the years don't go to waste. Hence, I will supply the new owner with all the templates and forms necessary to run the business plus hundreds of images and masses more information that will assist with an easy transition of ownership. I will teach you the business.

I am willing to assist the new buyer in every way possible to ensure the relocation of the business runs smoothly.


If you think this business might suit you then please contact me so we can meet up for a chat.

9725 2206





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