Pressed tin panels ® add style for a very economical price.




Pressed Metals panels- Australian made panels

Metal panels can be used for feature walls, splashbacks and ceilings


Before you consider tiles, glass, textured paints and wallpapers, take a look at a tried and tested product that can transform your flat walls and ceilings into an attractive finish that provides a visual focus in any room.

This eye-catching product can create a design feature for new and existing properties that will add an extra dimension to any home or business. Our exquisitely crafted pressed tin ceiling and wall panels are available in dozens of designs and can be painted in numerous ways so your project is unique.

The metal panels are an easy do-it-yourself product: we provide fixing instructions and can assist every step of the way. You will achieve a stunning result that won’t break the bank but will receive many compliments.

Choose a panel design that suits your personality – be bold or subtle, but do something a little different.

4 good reasons to use Heritage Ceilings for your pressed tin project:

  • Quality, Australian-made panels

  • A huge variety of unusual designs to suit every project

  • We help you choose what you need

  • Lightweight, easy to install panels


When you order your pressed metal panels they will be sent to you from the factories I deal with in the Eastern States. We deal with :

  • Denyer Manufacturing

The panels are relatively light-weight so the cost of freight is quite manageable. All available designs are featured here, as is our current price list. You will also find lots of painting ideas for your panels and also hundreds of project photos supplied by our customers. Please enjoy our website and feel very welcome to contact us for quotes or with any queries you have related to pressed tin.


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