Painting ideas for your tin ceiling


There are myriad ways of painting tin ceiling panels. Pastel shades give very different effects to bold colours or antique metal finishes. Two paint colours are often ample but if you have the inclination you can include more colours. The higher the ceiling, the more adventurous you can be. Having said that, the average ceiling in the average home is probably best suited with softer colours. When painting in fine detail our panels are best painted before they are installed. It is much easier and gentler on the neck that way. The best thing to do is to fully paint one panel and stand back from it. When you have it just right then tackle all the others. Further practical information can be seen here at Painting Tin Ceiling Panels .


CamelliaCamellia (D)
Flannel Flowers (D)Flannel Flowers (P)
Iris (P)Iris (P)
Charlton (P)Charlton (P)
Vines (P)Vines (P)
Magnolia (D)Magnolia (D)
Shield (P)Shield (P)
Jasmine (D)Jasmine (D)
Lily (P)Lily (P)
Fishscale (P)Fishscale (P
Lindfield (D)Lindfield (D)
Balmain (P)Balmain (P)






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