Pressed metal panels add style for a very economical price.



Pressed metal panels are so popular - find out why

Pressed metal is also known as tin tiles, ceiling tin and pressed tin. These words are used inter-changeably on this web site. They are all correct depending on which part of the world you live in.

Pressed tin is the best product to use if you want a decorative interior finish for walls or ceilings. Whether this is a DIY job or whether you are calling in the professionals you must have a serious think about using durable metal panels rather than softer products.


Totally exquisite bathroom feature wall

Exquisite pressed tin feature wall

Project details: This is the "Art Nouveau" wall pattern. It is one of the most elegant of all the pressed metal designs we sell. It is available in the 1800 mm x 900 mm size. Used in conjunction with tiles it creates a classy feature in this bathroom. For a close-up photo and more detail on this particular panel please go to: Art Nouveau design.


Buying from us is a totally painless procedure. We can help with pattern selection and all technical advice. We will do the design and calculations for you and we organize transportation too. But, first of all, you need to find out why pressed metal is taking the world by storm.


It's an Australian-made product

Need I say more.


The advantages of the panels being made from aluminium

The second advantage of using pressed metal is the actual metal the panels are made from. An aluminium alloy has been created to especially suit ceilings and walls. Aluminium is a corrosion resistant, durable product which doesn't rust, unlike steel which is used by other manufacturers of metal panels. The panels are still widely known as pressed tin or ceiling tin even though they are not made from tin.


Pressed metal panel sizes/weight differences

The panel sizes are much smaller than sheetrock or gyprock. They are generally 1828 mm x 915 mm (6' x 3') or otherwise 1828 mm x 610 mm (6' x 2'). A few in our range are only 610 mm x 610 mm (2' x 2'). The panels are only 0.6 mm thick. It is actually thicker than the original older style metal panelling but it is much lighter. One person can carry several sheets of pressed metal. Imagine how much easier it is to hold a lightweight sheet of pressed metal above your head as opposed to a very heavy sheet of wallboard which is easily more than twice as big as the largest metal sheet. The weight difference is enormous. And this is exactly what you will be doing - holding the sheet above your head whilst you attach it to your ceiling.


Pressed metal panels are longer lasting than a plaster style products

Pressed metal ceilings and walls won't rust and they won't crack. The material they are made from is non-porous so it resists moisture and odour. If water enters your roof and if you can remove it promptly then you will have no damage to your ceiling. You certainly can't say that about most other types of ceilings. Anyone who restores buildings will tell you that ceiling restoration is a major cost and time factor issue for them. Install one of our pressed metal ceilings and you won't be facing any ceiling restoration problems in later years.



Pressed metal panels will add more value to your property than they costs. We will work out the full costing for you.


Panel Strength

These decorative metal panels are made from an aluminium alloy. When this special alloy is pressed into the various designs it hardens substantially and holds its shape exceedingly well. Being pressed into a pattern actually strengthens the panel. The product is much tougher than plaster style products.


Variety of patterns and designs

Take a look at the designs stamped into the panels. There is an enormous range of patterns and we can arrange those patterns into an endless variety of designs to suit your ceilings and walls. Our design services are available to assist you in creating a stunning project.


Painting your pressed tin

Painting ornate panels is easy because they can easily be painted before they get fixed to the ceiling. Painting an ornate plaster style ceiling is very difficult and requires special equipment otherwise you will quickly get a sore back and a sore neck. I recommend using oil based enamel paints on the panels.


Good for tornado/cyclone areas

Pressed metal ceilings and walls can move and flex with the structure so if you are in cyclone or tornado areas you will find these products particularly suitable.



We supply detailed fitting instructions with every order sold. Additionally, we offer prompt, top quality email advice if you encounter any difficulties at any stage during installation. We are always keen on following up with all our customers to ensure they are happy with their pressed metal panels.


The inevitable conclusion

As you can see, it is infinitely preferable to install ornate pressed metal than plaster ceilings and walls. We invite you to employ our services. Tell us about your project and we'll help you as much as we can. There is no obligation to buy from us. Just try us out and make your judgement.



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