Budget priced DIY feature walls made from pressed tin



Pressed metal panels for feature walls


Some people call our product pressed tin and some call it pressed metal.  There is no difference in the product - just a difference in terminology.  The panels are all made from the same thickness aluminium sheeting so they are light-weight and they don't rust.  These are superbly crafted Australian-made products. They are installed by nailing them on to ply which is used as a sub strate. 


Finding the right pressed metal design for your special feature wall

Many of the pressed metal panels featured in our Wall Designs section are suitable for feature walls but so are many of the others in the General Designs.  If you have a large wall to cover then you can be really bold with the design choice.  Smaller walls may be better suited to smaller designs but, having said that, each project is different.  Some customers have used designs that I initially would never have suggested but when their project was finished it was nothing less than spectacular.  When using pressed metal panels your imagination is your only limitation.

When installing a pressed metal feature wall it is important to centre the pattern so that the left and the right sides of the walls are patterned equally.  Very small nails are used and you must only ever nail into the decorative parts of the panels so that the nails are not seen.  Painting the panels after installation is preferable so the paint covers the nail heads and so that a small amount of paint can seep into the tiny hairline joins where the panels lap over each other.  The joins then look even more seamless.

Several metal feature walls are illustrated below.  Click on the pictures and you will find out more about the particular project.


The Fishscale pressed metal panel was used in this hair salon
Fishscale panels used in the Cranium Salon
The Lotus pressed metal panel is used in this Bali clothing store
Lotus design is used here in this clothing shop










The Large Maple pressed tin panel was used in this hair salon project
NVMEN used the Large Maple panel in their salon
The Shield pressed tin panel was used in this restaurant
Shield design used in Petitenget restaurant










Galvanized Fishscale panels used in this exterior project
Galvanized steel panels were used externally
Art Nouveau pressed metal panels create an elegant bathroom feature
Art Nouveau panels used in stylish bathroom










Here is the link to detailed fitting instructions to follow when installing your beautiful pressed metal feature wall.



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