Bondi Nelson (P) and Bondi Awning (P)

The Bondi is made in two forms. The only difference between them is the direction of the pattern within the panel. Please see the photos at the bottom of this page.

The photograph below roughly indicates a 600 mm x 600 mm (2' x 2') portion of the full panel.

The coverage of the full panel is: 1800 mm x 600 mm (6' x 2')

There are also a few extra millimetres added on around the edges of the panel to allow for panel lapping.

Please see the Price List for this panel. If you tell me how many panels you need I will be able to forward you a quote which will include packing and freight to your address.


Bondi pressed tin design


Full panel of Bondi Nelson which has the waves running down the length of the panel:

1800 mm x 600 mm (6' x 2')

Thisis the Bondi Nelson full size panel


Full panel of the Bondi Awning which has the waves running across the width of the panel:

1800 mm x 600 mm (6' x 2')

This is the Bondi Awning full size panel


Three panels of Bondi installed together:

The Bondi pressed metal panel


A project using the Bondi Nelson design.

An Art Deco design for a splashback