Fishscale (P)

The photograph below roughly indicates a 600 mm x 600 mm (2' x 2') portion of the full panel.

The coverage of the full aluminium panel is: 1800 mm x 900 mm (6' x 3').

There are also a few extra millimetres added on around the edges of the panel to allow for panel lapping.

Please see the Price List for this panel. If you tell me how many panels you need I will be able to forward you a quote which will include packing and freight to your address.



The Fishscale comes in two forms/sizes. One is suitable for walls and the other is mostly used for awnings.

Form 1 - Fishscales cover the whole of the panel. This version is available in aluminium or in galvanized steel. The aluminium version would be used on interior walls. The galvanized version, which is slightly smaller than the aluminium version, would be used outdoors.

Form 2 - This version has a flat area running along the top and the bottom of the panel. It is only produced in galvanized steel. This style of panel would be used on areas such as window awnings where the flat edge areas could be needed to roll or curve.


Full panel in Form 1: 1800 mm x 900 mm (6' x 3')

The Fishscale (P) panel


A project using the aluminium Fishscale design.

Pressed tin for a splashback


A project using the galvanized steel Fishscale design.

Galvanized steel Fishscale for areas that receive high wear and tear.