Pressed Tin Accessories


In order to finish off your project you may need other accessories such as cornice mitre leaves, moulding strips, rosettes (for where the moulding strips meet) or ceiling roses. I can supply those for you.

Also available are galvanized steel panels that give the effect of sandstone. They would normally be used externally on walls or can be used to give the effect of a quoine on the corner of a building.



The links below will take you to pages where you can view these products:

Cornice mitre leaves and mitre boxes
Moulding strips, rosettes and a beam cap
Ceiling roses, air-conditioning duct and air vent
Sandstone look-alikes


Example of a cornice mitre in situ
An example of the Celtic cornice mitre in situ


A typical ceiling rose
An example of a ceiling rose - Small Childers


Faux sandstone
Made from galvanized steel these can be folded if needed



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