Pressed metal ceilings are cheap yet they add outstanding value to your home or business



Pressed metal ceilings - how do you design and install them?


I intend all of my customers' projects to be designed properly so, that when finished, they create the "Wow Factor". I want your decorative ceilings to be stunning so I offer as much help and advice as I possibly can in order to achieve this end result. So far I feel I am achieving my goal with flying colours.

Take a look at my Testimonials and read what my customers think about my services. I now want your testimonial at the top of this list too. Buying a pressed metal ceiling from me will be a home improvement project that you will thoroughly enjoy.



Can you install the panels yourself?

The best way to install pressed tin is to firstly fix ply to the ceiling and then nail the tin to the ply. Battens can be used but ply makes the job much easier. If your ceiling is made from wood then you won't need to use the ply sub strate. The nails used are quite small and barely visible. when they are painted over they will not be seen.

I have detailed fitting instructions which I supply to each customer. The instructions are very comprehensive and have been put together as a guide for Tradesmen or Experienced Handymen. If you lack experience in this area, you may prefer to employ someone with building experience. However, most of my customers have fitted their own ceilings and walls, see pressed metal projects completed by our customers.



Layouts for pressed metal ceilings

Some of the smaller patterned panels can be put to great use over the entire ceiling. Suitable small designs are Original, Bluebells and Acorns. However I sell a greater range of metal ceilings which are of a bigger design. Some repeat patterns are 610 mm x 610 mm (2' x 2'). Some of these designs can look spoiled if their edges are trimmed to fit the outer limits of the ceiling. There is a way to avoid this happening and my layout and design service makes use of this so that none of these larger designs need to be trimmed. When I design pressed metal ceilings I place the beautiful fancy patterns into the middle of the ceiling but I create a border around the edge of the room. This border needs to be a certain size depending on the exact measurements of your room. The first step is to fix metal cornices to the edges of the ceiling. There will be space between your cornices and your lovely centre patterns so I place a smaller border/filler pattern in there to take up the excess space and to highlight your main fancy patterns. To create a definition between the central panels and the border panels I use a moulding strip which is a narrow raised accessory which does its job magnificently. To add a finishing touch I use rosettes where the moulding strips meet. Similarly, I use corner mitre leaves or corner mitre boxes where the cornices meet. These accessories can be viewed via the pressed metal accessories page. A typical ceiling design can be seen below. It shows the positioning of the various ceiling components:


Hand-painted pressed metal ceilingJasmine is the feature panel, the border is Stockholm and the Egg
and Dart cornice was used around the edges of the ceiling


Create your masterpiece

Now look at your ceilings and imagine what I can create for you. Using a stunning range of unique designs and accessories you can now have exquisite projects that could easily grace the pages of quality home decor magazines.

You don't have to hand-paint the panels in detail as seen in the blue ceiling above either. The patterns are so deeply pressed that daylight and artificial light will highlight the beautiful designs effortlessly just in one colour.

I can help you with your design selection and with calculating how much to order. I can assist with painting ideas and best of all, I give you very detailed fitting instructions. If you have queries at any stage I am here to help. That is part of my friendly, personalized service. If you are looking for quality decorative panelling then look no further.



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