Pressed metal panels for a budget priced make-over for your home or business




Pressed metal panels

For splashbacks, feature walls & ceilings


Australian pressed metal ceiling and wall panels are manufactured from aluminium so they won't rust. Most pressed metal panels, sold elsewhere in the world, are not made from aluminium. Our American clients confirm that Australian panels are more deeply pressed than panels available elsewhere, so the design effects are more spectacular.

Aluminium pressed metal panels are lightweight so they move and flex with the structure and are ideal in climates where there are extreme weather conditions, such as cyclones and tornados.

Our panels are being used successfully in nightclubs, hotels, shopping centres, restaurants and private homes. Follow this link to find out more: pressed metal advantages.

How you paint the panels is up to you, choose from classic, contemporary or cosy effects or the bold metallic finishes which are setting a new trend. More information can be found here: painting pressed metal panels

Our panels can be sent virtually anywhere in the world as they are relatively lightweight and cost effective to ship overseas. They are boxed securely and delivered to your door – we organise everything for you.





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