Pressed metal panels add style for a very economical price.



Pressed metal panels - how do you paint them?


For painting details to suit your ceilings and walls please click on the links below:



This pressed metal ceiling has been hand painted but you don't need to go to this trouble to have a stunning ceiling or wall. The patterns within the panels are deeply stamped so they look spectacular when painted in just one colour.


Hand painted ceiling



Please note that all of the tin panels need to be finished with some variety of coating. They cannot be left in the shiny raw metal state as the metal will very slowly tarnish and become a dull grey colour. The panels are not in a finished state when they leave the factory. If you require a metal appearance to your panels then please use one of the many metal coloured paints which are available in brush-on or spray-on versions.

They cannot be left with just the etch primer on as it is not a tough finish. The etch primer is on the panels to enable the paint to stick to the metal.


Below you can see panels painted in various ways to give aged appearances:


Original pattern
Stockholm pattern









Using this stunning range of unique designs and accessories you can now have exquisite pressed metal projects that could easily grace the pages of quality home decor magazines. I can help you with your designs and with calculating how much to order. I can assist with painting ideas and best of all, each order comes with very detailed fitting instructions. If you have queries at any stage I am here to help. That is part of my friendly, personalized service. If you are looking for quality tin panels then look no further. Contact me today.



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