Pressed tin panels for every project and for a very economical price.






Denyer Manufacturing:

All products of Denyer Manufacturing are all dispatched with etch primer on them ready for painting.
Etch primer is the important element that makes the paint stick to the metal, the panels are lightweight and easy to install.
All panels are 610mmx1828mm in measurement, you will need to confirm with Heritage Ceilings the wait time on the panels leaving the factory before placing your order.
All orders are dispatched from QLD to your door/business.
We do have some stock available for local pickup in Bunbury, WA.
Please note: Denyer’s products will not be available to mix with other pressed metal products on the market.


Click on the images below to see a larger picture and to find out more details of each pattern.

Flannel Flowers (D) pressed metal designFlannel Flowers (D)
Almonda pressed metal panels Almonds (D)
Wildberries pressed metal ceiling panels Wildberries (D)
Magnolia pressed metal panels Magnolia (D)
Bluebells pressed metal ceiling panels Bluebells (D)
Camellia pressed metal ceilings Camellia (D)
Rhodes pressed metal ceiling panels Rhodes (D)
Dana pressed metal ceiling panels Dana (D)
Regency pressed metal ceiling panel Regency (D)
Petra pressed metal ceiling panel Petra (D)
Fleur pressed metal panel Fleur (D)
Carrington pressed metal ceiling panel Carrington (D)
Acorns (D) pressed metal ceiling panels Acorns (D)
Warwick pressed metal ceiling panel Warwick (D)
Jaasmine pressed metal ceiling panel Jasmine (D)
Acanthus pressed metal panel Acanthus (D)
Pressed metal ceiling Fans (D)
Pacific pressed metal ceiling Pacific (D)
Canning pressed metal ceiling Canning (D)
Sunflower pressed metal ceiling Sunflower (D)
Stars (D) pressed metal ceiling Stars (D)
Lindfield pressed metal ceiling Lindfield (D)
Carina pressed metal ceiling Carina (D)
Laidley pressed metal ceiling panels Laidley (D)
Rosemary pressed metal Rosemary (D)
The Gladstone pressed metal panelGladstone (D)
Virginia design pressed metal panel suitable for walls and ceilingsVirginia (D)
Carlton pressed metal ceiling Carlton (D)
Stockholm pressed metal panels Stockholm (D)
Roughcast (D) pressed metal ceiling panels Roughcast (D)
Mini-Lindfield pressed metal ceiling panels Mini-Lindfield (D)
The Fishscale (D) designFishscale (D)
Wynyard pressed metal panels Wynyard (D)
Paddington pressed metal panels for ceilingsPaddington (D)
Florence designFlorence (D)
St. Kilda pressed metal design pressed metal ceiling panels St. Kilda (D)
Victoria pressed metal panel Victoria (D)
Gumnuts pressed metal panels Gumnuts (D)


Several of the panels are featured in a painted form on our painted pressed metal panels page. However, these days it is more fashionable to use one colour of paint over the whole area. There are now some outstanding special effects paints available that can create stunning finishes. There are paints that shimmer, those that give a range of metal "looks" not to mention paints that give an aged appearance. Every project can be an original work of art in its own right.



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