Pressed tin panels add style for a budget price.





Pressed metal panels

For residential and commercial projects


Pressed metal panels are also called tin ceilings, metal ceilings, tin tiles, ceiling tin or faux tin ceilings. These words are used interchangeably on this website. Believe it or not, Australian pressed metal panels are not even made from tin! A far better product is now used - it is an aluminium alloy.

Dies from as much as 100+ years ago have been re-created and we are now able to enjoy the decorative ceilings and walls from yesteryear but updated into projects suitable for now and for future years.

These beautifully crafted panels are being cleverly utilized in both the home situation and in a wide variety of contemporary commercial fit outs. Depending on the design chosen and the way in which the panels are painted you can achieve a very formal look or a comfy, cosy cottage effect. When two identical patterns are painted in very different ways they then become barely recognizable as the same design.



Pressed metal panels are far superior to similar looking products

  • Durability - Pressed tin is made from durable aluminium which is capable of moving and flexing with the structure making it ideal for cyclone/tornado areas. The panels won't rust, crack or fall off and they resist moisture and odours. This makes their life-span virtually unlimited. The panels are made to lap over each other, many having flanges to assist over-locking. This creates a seamless join.

  • Designs/Patterns - We offer a stunning range of metal interiors to suit Victorian, Federation, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, contemporary and futuristic styles. Take a look at our range of pressed tin ceiling patterns where you will find so many uniquely Australian designs.

  • Panel weights and dimensions - The aluminium alloy used to make the panels is very strong, yet extremely lightweight. The panels are large - usually 1828 mm x 610 mm (6' x 2') or 1828 mm x 915 mm (6' x 3') so a large area can be fitted relatively quickly.

  • Designing a traditional tin ceiling - This link will connect you to information which will help you in regard to designing layouts for traditional pressed metal ceilings.

  • Value - Pressed metal panelling will add more value to your property than it costs. It becomes a work of art and as such it adds a luxurious quality to any decor.

  • Painting pressed metal panels - Most clients choose to paint their panels themselves in one tone. The patterns are pressed deeply into the panels so both natural or electric light create lovely shadows on the designs. I suggest you use an oil based, enamel paint. More information on this topic can be found by following this link painting pressed metal ceilings and walls.

  • Australian quality - When you buy from me you will know you are buying quality Australian-made products. Some of the panels sold elsewhere are cheap imported copies that simply do not fit together well.



Some client comments...

"I got the package on Saturday. It all looks good! After looking at it on the site and seeing it in real life, it's just larger than life! I can't believe how detailed everything is. It hasn't been installed yet, we're still kicking around colors. I can't wait to see it from the ground looking up!".............. Paul Stewart, Secane, PA, USA.

"The ceiling panels arrived late last week very well packaged and in excellent condition. I absolutely love the patterns - they are beautiful. I am currently painting them before installation and I am even enjoying the job because I get to look at the patterns as I work. Thanks for all your time and effort in helping to supply us with such lovely ceilings!"........... .Melanie Jardine, Brisbane, Australia.



So, take a look around my website and then contact me for assistance. If you are having trouble making choices then please feel very welcome to ask me to help you out.



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