Faux sandstone blocks and corner keystones


Sandstone blocks are generally very expensive and heavy to handle.
We have a solution - pressed metal panelling which gives the appearance
of sandstone. When painted, these panels look very effective as can be
seen from the photographs below:


Corner Keystones creating a quoine

In this project they have been folded and installed on the outside corners of
a building to give the appearance of quoins but they can also be fitted onto a
flat wall to cover the whole wall or just part way up the wall.


Faux quiones



The Corner Keystones are sold as flat panels which can be purchased in
packs of five or ten panels. The large size has a coverage: 710 mm x 275 mm

Large faux sandstone panel


The small size has two equal parts and covers: 600 mm x 275 mm

Small faux sandstone panel


These measurements are taken from edge to edge of the panel.